Akesis and Alternative Healing


The word alternative healing conjures up images of monks and shamans drawing energy from an unseen world to restore the body’s function. In the modern world, people may be skeptical of such things, so what Jessica Lau, owner of Akesis Holistic Health located at E. Rodriguez Sr. Ave. in Quezon City, did, was a big risk.

The clinic derived its name from Akeso, who is the Greek Goddess of healing. It’s sole physician is Dr. Homer Lim, whom the owner chose because of “the concern he has for the patients”.


Ms. Lau also recalled that 2 years ago, Krizel Malabanan from When in Manila underwent a past life regression therapy under Dr. Lim, and ended up crying after having travelled through time and space. The purpose is this is to bring closure and understand why one’s current life is the way it is.

“I’m a frustrated doctor but then they needed me to help out in the family business,” said Ms. Lau, regarding her reason for having opened the wellness clinic, which started out 2 years ago. Dr. Lim in turn is also the had physician for another wellness haven, which is The Farm at San Benito.


Their major services, as outlined in their website akesisholistic.com, is grouped under four different categories. These are Alternative Healing (Past Life RegressionAkashic ReadingReiki Healing, and Energy Healing), Chinese Medicine (Cosmetic Acupuncture, Ear Acupuncture, Ear Candling, Ventosda, and Acupuncture), Hilot Wellness (Lymphatic Drainage and Hilot Wellness), and Detox Program (Coffee Enema and Raw Juicing)

The head nurse is a reiki practitioner. One of the therapists has no background and is from the province. However, both were taught by the doctor to develop sensitivity to the energies and meditate as well when there are no customers around.


I had the privilege of trying out the Hilot Wellness therapy and what i liked about it aside from the hot wintermelon tea infused with ginger they offer you  after is that the therapist didn’t pound on my back like a repressed sadist eager to crush the knotted muscles. Instead, she gently asked which pressure I want and most of her movements comprised of a kneading motion. I felt so refreshed after that it was as if I just woke up from a good night’s sleep.

The clinic has been existing for about 2 years and health products are also being sold inside.


Its complete address is Unit G10 Garden Heights Condominium, E. Rodriguez Sr. Ave. Quezon City, Philippines. For inquiry and appointment booking, you may contact (02) 6502816 or 09088121451.



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