Move Along Evian,Top-O is Here


Top-O is a water-based preparation intended for caring and maintaining good and healthy skin condition.

It is composed mainly of dissolved oxygen in water in a light aluminum non-pressurized spray canister.

Since Top-O is rich in oxygen, Top-O is best for pimple-prone screen because oxygen acts on the acne-causing bacteria by penetrating the skin and stopping it.

Top-O is also a good skin moisturizer and conditioner that prevent skin dryness and itching. Type-O is safe for all ages – from a simple diaper rash in babies to skin redness and allergic reaction in adults. Top-O is also used for mosquito bites and aids greatly in reducing redness and itching.


The ingredients of Top-O are water, dissolved oxygen, and sea salt. Aside from the safe contents of Top-O, it is stored in a container which is convenient to bring.

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