Noli Me Tangere The Opera: The Cancer Lives on


Being kikay does not only mean one goes around beautifying one’s self all the time, it also means seeing the beauty in other things, like works of art.

Jerry Sibal’s masterpiece, Noli Me Tangere The Opera, opened last Saturday , January 28, 2017 at the CCP Main Theater. The audience was thrilled and a lot of people from all walks of society came and witnessed a spectacular performance. Noli Me Tangere was of coursed penned by our National Hero Dr. Jose Rizal.Last night’s opening was definitely one for the books. How would I describe it in two words? Exceptionally phenomenal.

Last night’s performance included the following performers: 1) Ibarra: Ronan Ferrer (2) Maria Clara: Jade Rubis Riccio (3) Padre Damaso: John-Andrew Fernandez (4) Elias: Greg de Leon (5) Sisa: Stephanie Anne Aguilar (6) Basilio: Noel Comia, Jr. (7) Crispin: Santino Juan Santiago. All of them were really good but I must admit that Sisa stole the night from the rest of the ensemble and I’m pretty sure her performance resonated with the rest of the audience as she was one of the cast members who were heavily applauded that night. Set in the Spanish Era, Noli Me Tangere talks about how the Philippine society has been controlled by friars and people in high society. It seems that the majority of decisions were made to benefit the rich and jeopardize the smaller, impoverished part of the population.


The use of elaborate costumes were on point and the set design was highly commendable.I’ve never seen Noli Me Tangere being done opera style but it was particularly enjoyable. I loved the smooth transition and the fact that the performance was not dragging definitely was plus points for the entire cast and crew.

For a kid, the one who played Crispin (Santino Juan Santiago) did a terrific job, he knows how to sing. Jade Riccio’s performance drew applauses from the crowd for she was able to bring opera a breath of fresh air- the voice, the stature, the epitome of Maria Clara was there. Not to be outdone, Ronan Ferrer’s portrayal of Ibarra is not to be missed.I believe they put the right casting for the role of Ibarra. Another scene stealer was of course , Donya Victorina .I have to give due credits to John Andrew Fernandez as Padre Damaso.

The staging of Noli Me Tangere in opera style is definitely worth watching for.I never realized that the performance ran for almost 3 hours .That’s how good it was. It is still relevant to showcase these kind of performances nowadays to the viewing public, After all , there are Ibarras amongst us, there are Maria Claras too and of course, sad to admit but there are a couple of Padre Damasos’.While it may be that way, we should still strive in making our country a better place to live in- a simple message that Rizal’s Noli Me Tangere never failed to convey. The cancer is still here and while we’re at it, let us be the cure, let us become the solution.

For ticket inquiries, you may contact Ticketnet or Ticket World at 891.9999. For last-minute tickets, call J&S Productions Inc. (0926) 038 0548, (0921) 890 3816, (632) 998 2356, or the CCP Box Office (632) 832 3704/06, or visit The production runs until February 3 only.


Writer: Mark Anthony Cabrera
Photo Credit: Aldwin Ku


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