Bocadillos Teaches Us That Cheap Food Can Be Delicious and Even Mexican


With an easily accessible location at the 3rd floor of Festival Mall Alabang, right amongst the rows of restaurants at Chef’s Avenue, this orange and white kiosk which is a franchise of Bocadillos is owned by Donna Avelino.

The overall proprietor is Joey Chua, who didn’t formally study cooking but is actually an IT professional. Because he wanted to make the most out of his salary, he started preparing his own packed meals. It so happened that he loves Mexican food and sharing as well. His officemates liked the taste of his cooking and urged him on to take it a step further. He went on to sell food to his officemates and eventually, they, yet again, prodded him to take the next step and set up shop.

The food business started in 2014 as small 2×2 sq. m. kiosk at the call center zone of Northgate Alabang. They set up shop in Fastbytes where the white collar workers spend their break times and lunches. It was an instant hit. “With that small na kiosk, we had to have four workers to accommodate the influx of people.” He recalled how people queued and how they had to take a break after a couple of hours so someone could run to the grocery and they can replenish their supplies for another round.

The best seller is the chicken quesadilla which is just PhP99. “This brought us to a lot of places,” Chua said. May mga umoorder niyan, 1,500 units.” He doesn’t claim an authentic Mexican cuisine but a fusion of Mexican and Filipino food which is affordable. Even their house beverage, the cucumber lemonade, is served in a tall glass but is just Php30.


The motto of Bocadillos is “served like a sandwich” because he wants their meals to be on-the-go so people can eat them even when they are walking or even running.

The chicken chimichangas are also served like a sandwiches. They have two versions of chicken wings, one is the Buffalo Wings for those daring to take on a dose of spiciness. The other one are for those more inclined towards mild munchies, the Honey Barbecue Wings. This menu item is served with homemade potato chips.

Another bestseller is the Beef “El Fab” Burritos which goes well with their special sauce, the buena sauce. Chua shared that customers usually request more of it and even volunteer to pay for the extra cups they consume. Though the ingredients are simple like garlic, mayo, sour cream, lime, salt, and the secret spice, he said it depends on one’s proportioning to get the perfect flavor. “Sometimes, pinapangalan namin [Chua and his business partners] sa friends naming yung sauces.”


Bocadillos has satellite branches in New Life Alabang where the owner goes to church as well as in several BPOs. There’s a plan to roll out Mexican burgers soon which will be part of their daily specials.

For more information, you may call 686-1682 or visit either Alabang or







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