Angelina Mead King, One of the Brains Behind Newly-Opened Wok2Go



With the tagline Fresh Fast Fun, Wok2go lives up to what it meant by that line. Last January 28, 2017, Wok2go opened its second branch at 2nd floor Venice Piazza Canal Mall at McKinley Hill. Fastfood chains are everywhere and what sets Wok2go apart from the rest is that it’s fast without sacrificing quality and good nutrition. Ordering involves three easy steps. First, choose your sauce. Second, decide whether you want noodles or rice as your source of carbs. Finally, choose your meat and possible add-ons.

This writer was able to interview one of the owners, Angelina Mead King, and she said that the concept of this food place took two years in the making. Her co-owners Kim Garcia and Mark Soong also graced the store’s opening. She said that there are 1,406 permutations (combinations) all of which they have tried with the help of friends and family members. “For starters, I recommend the Hongkong pepper sauce (chef recommended) paired with rice noodles and chicken for the meat and I added crushed peanuts and fried tofu. You can also opt for the Sinigang Sauce ( yes, you read that right) and a variety of combinations as well.” When she’s asked about the possibility of desserts, she said they are still thinking about it and wanted to focus on their main dishes for the meantime.


By shaking the woks during the whole process, every single vitamin, mineral, and fiber remains in one’s bowl. With this, Wok2Go is the healthier alternative to your regular fast food meal.

If you’re looking for a fresh, fun concept, then I suggest you visit their branch at Venice Piazza mall.I assure you, it will be a fun experience that’s worth remembering.



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