Daniel Matsunaga’s Team Naxional Wins Against Neymar Jr.’s Five on Five At Sparta Pioneer

Writer: Mark Anthony Cabrera

Neymar Jr's Five Naxional

Last March 4, 2017 a football game was held at Sparta Pioneer to determine which team gets to go to Brazil for and join Neyman Jr.’s tournament to be held sometime this year.

Headed by Daniel Matsunaga, Team Nacional triumphed over Tondo FC who fell short of taking home the championship.Manila Tala FC came up with a third place finish after defeating Laro Philippines headed by team Captain Anton del Rosario. Making it to the finals was no easy feat for the eventual winners of the said tournament as they had to battle it out with the best of the best teams here in the Philippines.

Neymar Jr is a well-known Brazilian Football Player who plays for FC Barcelona (#11) and Brazil National Football team (#10).Whoever gets to win the tournament gets to fly to Brazil to join him in playing the game and gets to be part of his team.

Manila suffered their first loss to Tondo FC but was able to bounce into third place by defeating Anton Del Rosario’s team who ended up on a fourth place finish much to the shock of their fans. Prior to the Finals 8 teams competed for their rightful spots, for March 4, 2017- El Retiro , Underground Football, KIdzania and Laro Philippines vie for the Qualifier A while Manila Tala, Stratford FC, Baggie FC and Team National fought for their rightful spots in Qualifier B.

All matches were held at Sparta, Pioneer Mandaluyong. Red Bull Philippines, The Premium Energy Drink known all around the world served as one of the Primary event Sponsor Coverage was done by Solar Sports .


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