Healthylicious Diet Saga: Week 1


Jocel Salonga-Adorable is the Vice President of Viva Communications, Inc.’s International Pay TV, but, she is also the proprietor of Healthylicious, a food delivery business which features calorie counted meals.

Owner of Healthylicious: I have been into diet meals for 10 years after I gave birth to my youngest daughter. Actually, I am the adventurous type, so anything that will help reduce my weight, I was willing to try. But for diet meals, I found it hard to sustain, either because it was starting to hurt my pocket, or the taste was often like hospital food that I could not stand it anymore. But I knew that food was key to my diet and so I asked myself if this was how it should really be, that I needed to suffer if I wanted to lose weight? Then I thought, NO!. Why can’t I have good tasting food and enjoy eating my meals while going on a diet at the same time?

So, I started researching and consulting food and nutritional experts with the objective of coming up with good tasting but well balanced diet meals. And as I found the answers, so was the idea of sharing this with others, many of whom I was sure was also in the same predicament as me.

And so, was the birth of Healthlycious. From the beginning and even until now, I never looked at Healthylicious really as a business, but more of an advocacy to provide good tasting, but well balanced and affordable diet meals to help people like me become more fit and healthy. We pride ourselves of offering delectable luscious meals made with natural ingredients, no MSG, low in fat, salt and sugar.

The common misconception is that eating delicious and good tasting food will not help you lose weight and stay fit. But the fact is, staying faithful to the calorie count is what will matter, not the taste of food. And as one of our celebrity clients, Lorna Tolentino remarked, “This is what makes my tummy happy, good food while on a diet”. Since we started this business, our clients always look forward to their next meal without them noticing that they are actually already losing weight until one day, they get surprised that they have already reached their ideal weight without experiencing to suffer much. And they are confident that they can stay fit without anymore further sacrifice.

This is Pinay Kikay’s first time trying calorie counted meals and what she liked apart from the variety in flavors was that the customer service was great! Meals were promptly delivered between 4pm to 8pm a day prior to consumption and reminders were sent every now and then if special instructions were needed for a particular food item.

This was how the meals looked like:



Healthylicious is a 5-day diet meal plan that includes 3 meals and 2 snacks daily. These delectable luscious meals are all-natural, no MSG, low in fat, salt, and sugar.

Contact Number: 0906 866 1105


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