Healthylicious Diet Saga Week 2

TRIVIA: The owner’s mother-in-law is a very good cook and a number of her best dishes are included in the regular menu such as Vegetable Kare-KareMeat LoafChili Con Carne, and Beef Pochero.

EFFECT ON ME: Even though weekends are supposed to be my cheat days, I must admit, there were 2-3 meals within the week I had to trade in for regular meals outside because I was too busy packing and forgot my Healthylicious meals. Luckily, with the discipline I was getting used to, I took smaller portions of meat and rice as they were served to me in the lunchboxes.

Yes, my waistline officially went from 34 to 33. Yay!

The Chicken Satay will help you wondering if they have a stash of legendary peanut butter because of its silkiness and flavor that lingers on the tongue. I wonder if it has coconut because there’s that undertone and you can taste each ingredient separately. The chicken was very tender and almost melts in your mouth.

The Vegetable Kare-Kare has that magic peanut butter sauce concoction again. It is thick and savory and the bagoong included with it is also a good variant.

The Chicken Cordon Blue is oozing with creamy cheese filling and explodes with flavor as soon as you chew on it. Healthylicious’ take on the classic French dish doesn’t stray far from the original ingredients, but they made sure to use choice ones so that the taste uis actually restaurant quality and not fastfood quality.


This is the upcoming week’s menu. To order, simply contact them via the number or the social media accounts stated above. Delivery is for free and Healthylicious caters to Metro Mnaila areas. You can choose from either 1,200-1,500 cal meal plan for PhP1,800 or 1,800-2,000cal meal plan for PhP1,950.

Here’s a preview of the menu the dishes this coming week:




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