First Book on Philippine Plants, Republished After 180 Years


The first ever handbook on Philippine plants and their practical uses gets republished 180 years after its original release. Vibal Group’s philanthropic arm Vibal Foundation and Instituto Cervantes de Manila relaunched Fr. Manuel Blanco’s iconic Flora de Filipinas last April 22, 2017 at Tower One & Exchange Plaza, Ayala Triangle, Ayala Avenue, Makati City.

Originally published in 1837, Flora de Filipinas is Blanco’s documentation of hundreds of Philippine plants and their uses, particularly during the Spanish colonization of the Philippines. After his death, several editions of the book were printed, most notably the lavish 1877-83 third edition in six volumes, with over a thousand plant descriptions and detailed colored illustrations. Flora de Filipinas became a highly coveted title for both botanical enthusiasts and Filipiniana collectors.

Edited by eminent botanical expert Dr. Domingo Madulid, this modern fifth edition of the Augustinian botanist’s manuscript is enhanced with modern scientific names and precise botanical descriptions in addition to the original text on each plant’s medicinal properties, sociological relevance, and folkloric information.

“Blanco’s Flora de Filipinas is not simply a scientific reference text,” Vibal Foundation Executive Director Gus Vibal said. “It is a valuable landmark of Philippine art and culture.”

The publication of Flora de Filipinas commemorates 500 years of Philippine-Spanish interaction. It is also Vibal Foundation’s new addition to its Filipiniana Clásica collection, which includes other titles such as Carlos Quirino’s Old Manila, published last year.

Vibal Foundation books are available for purchase at


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