Diplomazee Gives Fresh Grads a Shot at a Great Career

Writer: Mark Anhtony Cabrera


These days kids study, grade school, high school then choose a course for college and then after graduation, they find it difficult to get jobs if the course they have finished is not “in demand”. Some even resort to applying for menial work outside the country to get a competitive salary, resulting in “brain drain”. Well, look no further now. Diplomazee is about to make that easy for these college graduates to find their niche in the workplace.

Diplomazee is a new HR Tech Start-up founded in Singapore & Philippines Tech Developers, tailor-made for newly graduates and interns in the Philippines. It’s been managed under the supervision of Harper & Hill Executive Search Inc., a boutique HR and consulting firm specialize in Emerging Countries.

Diplomazee’s mission and vision is to provide fresh graduates with equal opportunity and access to highly competitive entry level jobs in the Philippines and to be recognized by all graduates as the most essential launching platform to start a great career.

For details kindly visit their website at https://diplomazee.com/ and their official social media account: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/diplomazee/ Twitter: @Diplomazee


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