Boiling Crabs and Shrimps Invade SM Mall of Asia

Blue Post Boiling Crabs and Shrimps (BPBCS) wasn’t always your go-to seafood restaurant in Davao. In fact, it wasn’t even supposed to be a restaurant in the first place. Originally envisioned to be a bar by a group of college friends, BPBCS had its revamping when couple and owners Anthony and Jennifer Ang were travelling the west coast of the US and found themselves in the famed Fisherman’s Wharf in San Francisco, California. They noticed a growing market for casual-dining seafood restaurants, with lines that would snake outside the establishment, hours before openingtime. Messy and finger-licking kind of dining was encouraged and it reminded the couple of home and the Filipino concept of “kamay kainan”.

This writer got offered a drink first by the accommodating serve named Jha and was given the option between Mixology (2 lemonade flavors) and regular iced tea. She chose the former.


Mixology: Less ice would’ve been better but the sourness wrapped in delectable sweetness was very likeable and remind one of Nerds if it had a blueberry-lemonade flavor.


Sizzling Gambas Soup: The stock has just the right amount of feisty but the corn overpowers the taste of the shrimp. It would do the dish a favor for the hotdog to be taken completely out of the equation.


Shrimps in Lemon Butter Sauce: The freshness of the shrimp will permeate one’s core with no exaggeration. The sauce is so flavorful that one can pour it over a cup of rice and be fully satisfied with it as a pseudo-viand.


Tapioca: This dessert item is nothing fancy but the literal cherry on top was very succulent and the smoothness of the fluffy cream is a perfect ending after having eaten fresh catches from the sea.

The tagline of Blue Posts Boiling Shrimps and Crabs is “It’s fun to be messy” which is rightly so because the table gets covered with wax paper to seal in the food’s warm temperature and diners are provided hand covers so that they have the option of pouring all the food on the table and using their hands to dig in. There’s also a spacious wash area provided for those who want to purify their messy hands after the deed.

What once started as a small branch along J.P. Laurel Avenue and between Davao Water District, and SM Lanang Premiere has now continued to grow both inside Davao and out to the Metro. Blue Post success continues on with new branches namely, SM City

North EDSA, SM Mall of Asia (which opened last January 23), and SM City Davao Ecoland. Also, four soon-to-open branches namely in SM Megamall, O-Square, Greenhills Shopping Center, Seascape Manila.



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